HeLp! Need To ReThink My Collection > Doc's Order!

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  1. Dear TPF Members, Dear LV LoVers...
    I know you will understand my pain... ;)
    I have had back problems since I can remember, but recently got really bad...
    Long story made short, my doc told me not to carry a lot of weight...
    He especifically said
    "I you only Buy small bags, you will Carry only the escentials"
    with that said, he forbide me to use larger bags...
    (last time he advised, this time he ordered it!)
    Next on my wish list I had the NF MM and the Delighfull... well, it's a No No for them!
    Here my question for you LV LoVers... because I need to start using small bags...
    Which small bags do you own and LoVe?
    Some details, I am 1m60cm (I think that is 5' 2") and 45 kg (little less than 100lbs)
    I need bags that I can use while I am around with my kids... I have 3 boys and I run behind their schedulle all day long... I am a Full Time Mom!
    Any suggestions highly appreciated!
  2. delightful pm!
  3. something thats comfortable. speedy b 25, odeon pm, delightful but carry little,totally pm
  4. nf pm
  5. I think speedy b 25 is a good idea. Favorite MM is also a nice small bag to consider. Can be carried three ways as well.
  6. So sorry to hear about your back problems. Having two toddler boys, I feel your pain!
    Just curious why you mentioned NF MM and Delightful as "no-no's?" Maybe bec the bags can still be filled with too much weight?

    How about the cross-body Bloomsbury PM? The exterior front pocket is a plus, esp for mommy essentials!
  7. I was considering the Delighfull (1st the MM then the PM) but even the PM it can carry a lot!
  8. My 1st choice was the NF MM in azur... (but it is HugE!)
    so... I think I am moving into my wish list the NF PM in azur :biggrin:
    Thanks for the advice!
  9. What about the new pochette? You can pretty much only fit the basics in there. Plus, I find that a small shoulder bag stresses my neck/back less than your typical cross-body. Or an alma bb?
  10. Thanks for your reply!
    I own a Speedy 25 in Mono...
    I think I will start considering the Speedy B maybe in ebene...
    I think the Delighful -and Totally- carry a lot even the PM!
  11. I am not a fan of the Alma BB... I think it is too structured...
    I am debating between the Favorite and the Eva because I think the hold more or less the same... I am liking a little bit more the Eva because of the informal look...
    I think will be better for every day use I am planning to give her... or maybe I should get the Eva for the day and the Favorite for the nights out ... ? :P
  12. I was considering the NF in MM and I think it is huge! I can hold really a lot! I tried it in the store and LoVed it but I think I will get the PM instead...
    I was first considering the Delighful MM, but it is huge too... I passed to the PM but it can hold a lot too... even if it does not look big, it can hold a lot... and I know me, if I have a big bag I will fill it in a minute (or my boys will dropping stuff that they need me to bring).
    I have never considered the Bloomsbury... I like that look esp since I do not own any bags in DE! :P Thanks for the advice
  13. I recently started downsizing for similar reasons. I have mobility issues and the weight of heavy bags puts too much pressure on overtaxed muscles.

    So, that means no leather, only canvas.

    I mainly try to use a pochette crossbody (cards, keys, lipstick).

    I use handheld bags for work (they're harder to load up and carry for long periods compared to a shoulder bag).

    And I have one shoulderbag, which I try to use sparingly.

    There are other things you can do too. I got rid of my wallet and went for a small card holder you can tuck debit/credit cards and a few bills into.

    Because I no longer have a change compartment, change has to be emptied out of whichever bag everyday.
  14. I own a Speedy 25 in Mono, I will start to consider getting the Speedy B in ebene...
    Favorite is starting to grow on me... I was considering it as an alternative to the Eva... but I think the Eva is more casual and it can be used for everyday while the Favorite esp the MM holds more... so maybe I should consider getting both ...? ;)
    Thanks for the advice!
  15. I will recommend the idylle collection. They are light weighted and pretty. IMO the canvas still weight a bit compared to cloth bag. Health is the most important issues that we mustn't neglect. Op I hope it will get better soon , hugs !