help...need to exchange

  1. okay...I'm in need of some desperate advice quickly.

    I have a vernis framboise zippy wallet. I bought a vernis noisette agenda. I have not used the agenda yet, because for some reason I just think the color is not that cute, kinda boreing...but, I want it to kinda go with, not necessarily match, my wallet. I thought about getting it in the framboise..but to matchy, then pomme..I feel like the two colors compete against eachother(sounds weird..i know). So what do you all you like the noisette with the framboise, is that the best choice? Maybe I'm just being to indecisive on this issue!! Please give me some much needed imput on time is running out to exchange. thanks much...also the bags that I have for it to go with are damier and mono, and mini lin. :smile:
  2. i think framboise and noisette complement each other! [​IMG]
  3. do you think noisette is too boring of a color for an agenda? Its cute for a bag.
  4. what about Perle? It will definitely brighten up ur framboise! :yes:
  5. i think it's nice to mix the colors and they do complement one another, but if you are not feeling the color, what about a mono one with pink interior....can you still get that?
  6. so cute..but so dangerous...I would be a nervous wreck with that color.
  7. hmmmm....hadn't thought of that one. I dont know if they are still available.
  8. I don't think Pomme and Framboise would compete against each other. Someone posted pictures of mix and match Pomme and Framboise in the Vernis club, and the colors look good together. You should get a Pomme agenda instead. :happydance:
  9. eluxury...[​IMG]
  10. See of you can get the new Azur koala agenda....that would be a pretty contrast!
  11. i agree with the mono koala w/ pink interior. you can also try an epi.

    or exchange the framboise for a pomme zippy...
  12. I actually think Pomme and Framboise look gorgeous together, but that's just me. I love pink & red! I also really like the mono w/pink. So cute! I'd probably get the pomme tho, cause then you could get the fisher space pen that matches, and is only $8. Otherwise, in order to match perfectly, you'd need to buy a pricey LV pen.
  13. I think your right, I'm going to exchange it for the pomme. I think it will look great with my damier bags.:drool: