Help need to decide on what bag to get for my upcoming birthday


Jan 14, 2014
I'm torn between two bags, favorite pm mono and speedy b 25 Damier Ebene

I need the favorite pm for family gatherings and things like that but I also have two kids so maybe the speedy would give a little more

I was also thinking of getting a new wallet if I got the favorite because of the price deference but still undecided any advice ?


Jan 16, 2015
That's a hard one. For me the Favorite is more for evening, parties etc. and the Speedy is more for every day, particularly with kids. If you want a bag to use every day then go for the Speedy. If you are content to use your Favorite for family gatherings etc. and another bag for every day then get the Favorite and use the price difference to get a wallet as well. The wallet is something you will use every day and you can always get a Speedy later on.

Good luck :smile:


Mar 26, 2015
How old are your kids? How much of their stuff go in your bag? I have a 14 month old and "share" my speedy B 30 (diapers, wipes, extra shirt, I never put bottles or sippy cup in my bag) If the purpose is for YOU and convenience I'd go with the favorite and a new wallet. Get a longchamp for the kiddos :smile:


Oct 10, 2014
Favorite pm is really small in comparison to the speedy b 25. With kids, I think you'd get the most out of the speedy. The speedy 25 is also a good size for evenings as well IMO
I used to think Speedy was mainly for more casual wear, and then I saw a woman all dolled up wearing a dress and full length mink coat carrying a classic Speedy DE, it looked fantastic together.
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Sep 4, 2014
Speedy b25! I have a mono favorite mm for nicer occasions and speedy b 25 DE. I honestly haven't used the favorite much and have used the speedy b 25 much, much more. You can always take the strap off and hand carry for evenings out ;)


Feb 16, 2008
I was deciding between the same bags for my birthday this month too except it was the favorite mm instead of pm. I ultimately settled on the speedy b just because I could hold more and it could be used to dress up or down. Plus the favorite only has a magnetic closure so less secure. I have two toddlers and even though I don't plan on putting any kids stuff in the speedy, it's nice to have space just in case I need to put a snack or diaper. I am just waiting now for my SA to find a MIF one. Whatever you decide, they're both nice bags!