Help need some advice!

  1. Yesterday I went with my mother-in-law and daughter to a coach store. My daughter just turned 16 and my mother in law was going to chip in for a bag my daughter liked. She received money for her sweet sixteen and was chipping in half. Everything was fine until the sales girl made a few comments to my daughter. I was paying for the bag in the bag while the sales girl proceeded to make my daughter very uncomfortable. She told me after we left the store that she said you must be spoiled to get that bag. My daughter quickly responded and said that she was paying half toward the bag. She clearly felt very uncomfortable with her comments. The SA also said oh did you get that bag(small coach bag she was wearing) for your 15th birthday. Again my daughter said no I saved up for it. My daughter felt that she was being quite rude, not at all like she was joking. Let me ask do you think this was inapropriate or not. My daughter is not at all overly sensitive,but she did feel uncomfortable and felt like it was really none of her business! I happen to agree and am wondering if this is worth calling the store mgr or just forget about the whole incident. I will say that don't plan to ever go back to that coach store.
  2. I would say just forget about it and enjoy the bag. Find another store to buy from.
  3. that's awful! i hope your daughter enjoys the bag, she deserves to if she saved up for it like that. don't let the snotty sa ruin coach for you - try to go to another store. i promise not all of them are like that!
  4. I'm sorry you didn't feel like you had a good experience... I think shopping should be fun... not something you feel like you have to have a debriefing on. ;)

    I bet the SA was probably trying to be nice, and say it in a joking way... Alot of times, ppl don't get my sarcastic humor and how I deliver it... it is something I have tryed to curb, but everyone has different personalities...

    Otherwise, I agree with everyone that has replied, forget about the store experience and just enjoy your purchases... If it really bothered you that much, try to drive to another Coach store in your area... or if thats the only one, make a point to work with a different SA next time....

    What did you end up getting? Post pics when you can!! :smile:
  5. Well being me I would have said something right there to her face - to make her aware that she was treading on thin ice with me. I don't put up with that crap when I am giving a store my money and business. If she continued with an attitude I would have spoken with her manager and kindly taken my business elsewhere. If she would have changed tune we'd roll on with life.

    Now that you have left I would just try to forget about it though, if your daughter is happy with her bag, that is what counts. Happy birthday to her!
  6. that was rude of the SA. i would have complimented your daughter on her great money saving strageties and responsibilities. go to a different store next time or befriend a different SA. i hope you have better future expereinces with buying from the store.

    i hope your daughter loves her bag and buys more coach in the future!
  7. That was quite rude! You can call the store and speak to the manager if you wish. I'd probably let it slide. I let a lot of things go usually.
  8. Thanks for everyone's input! I think I will just let it go. My daughter is happy with her bag. My husband and I took the opportunity to have one of those life lesson talks with her. We explained that throughout her life she will meet people who are less fortunate than her and those who are more fortunate,but that it should not matter and you should not judge people that way. I think the SA was judging and it was wrong. If I had heard the SA I would have definitely spoke up, but I did'nt. Thanks!
  9. i guess i'm the only one.....but i think something should be said to the store manager about that particular sa.......your daughter doesnt need to know that you spoke to someone........but honestly, people need to think before they speak....especially those in positions of customer service.
    she could have congratulations on such a beautiful bag.......happy 16th!!!
    that would i'm sure have made your daughter feel great!!!
  10. just forget about it =)
  11. I agree with cathi. I would have said something while I was at the boutique.

    I'd call the manager and say something about that SA. Who knows how many other customers she has offended/rubbed the wrong way with her remarks.

    Customer service is just that-- customer service. That SA is there to serve you and serve you well. At my boutique, I keep an eye out for the SAs I like and avoid the ones I don't feel serve me well.

    Sorry about your daughter's bad experience. Happy 16th to her!
  12. Aw, sorry to hear about that, it was definitely rude of the SA to say that! I have a feeling she was trying to be funny, but the comments were completely uncalled for. I really like how you and dh handled it and it sounds like you're raising a very responsible teen, so you should be congratulated. I'm also glad that even though the SA was rude, your daughter still likes her bag.

    As far as saying something or not, I'm like Kathyrose - I tend to not say anything (even when I should sometimes), but if it is still bothering you or your daughter, maybe consider calling and speaking to a manager - if for no other reason than they may loose business if that SA continues to make inappropriate comments.

    PS - I'm very impressed that your daughter was able to already save for her own bags!