HELP!!! Need GST in black w/ SH!!!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been trying so hard to lay my hands on a black GST w/ silver but the Saks SA I contacted said there's NONE within the country. My dear bf got me the black GST w/ gold from NM but I really don't want to settle as I really don't like gold anything. He tried to ask the NM SA to find him one w/ silver but her attitude is driving us crazy!

    It's my birthday this week and I really hope to treat myself to my dream bag. The Saks SA asked if I wanted to be on the waitlist (for May) but I will not be able to afford the purse if there's price increase.

    Please help me! Thanks everyone.
  2. My SA at NM in Tampa, Linda Costa, just checked her computer and she said that she is showing a couple in her system. However, she cannot guarantee that they will be available since they are pre-selling for the points event this week. If you call her now, she can double check the stores for you. Her name is Linda Costa (in Handbags dept.)and the phone number is (813) 877-5700 in Handbags.