Help! My poor bag...

  1. I cleaned the vachetta on my neo speedy with baby wipes and it darkened the leather. Is there any way to make the vachetta lighter again? The bag had patinaed a little but I took the bag on vacation with me to Vegas and the handles got dirty. Suggestions anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. oooh :wtf: I'm sorry to hear that....i couldn't help you with it.... :sad: :Push:
  3. i dont think there is anything that you can do once its turned dark.. sorry.. :sad:
  4. Has it totally dried out yet?
  5. oh no, what kinda baby wipe did you use??I cleaned the vachetta on my denim baggy GM with baby wipes too..and it was ok....
  6. i cleaned mine with babywipes and left it over afternoon and night before completely looking at the results. Its completely lightened the patina i think and dried out my leather alot too so i think i might stick to dirty handles next time. It didnt completely take off the dirt you can see it more now because the handles are lighter again but ohwell at least i know for next time :biggrin:
    i think i should have let it darken abit more before cleaning it though its only 7 months old but was getting a dirrrrrrty speedy
  7. You have to let the handles dry first.
  8. I'm going to be trying this in about 2 weeks with a cerises speedy I got....I'm soooo nervous about doing it!
  9. Yes! This could take 24 hours or longer!
    And I wouldn't use baby wipes on light handles.
  10. I used baby wips on my bags Vachetta,and it dried out after 8 min,I lightly swept my handles with the baby wipes. Maybe you got your handles too wet?

  11. Just dont use baby wips with Shea butter ect, because that might damage the handles I heard. I belive LV_ADDICT used a certian brand of baby wips that she had great results with,ask her:flowers:
  12. Don't use ones that have alcohol in them either. It dries out the leather.
  13. I clean all my LV leather with Appleguard. It works great. I had water stains on one bag and it lightened them where you can't really notice it. Did not darken the leather. I really feel that there are leather products that are much better to use than baby wipes.
  14. I cleaned my wapity strap with baby wipes and it worked fine, maybe its depending on the leather...
  15. I used the same wipes that I used on my Alma to clean my Neo speedy's handles. They came out fine. Cleaner, that's all.:wlae: