Help! My NEW perfo speedy got scratched!

  1. I just copped my 1st LV bag which is a perfo speedy 4hrs ago... i havent even used it... the plastic for the handles and everything is still intact but i realized one of the gold buttons is scratched!!!! i haven even used the bag b4...i did check the bag in the store when i paid for it..perhaps i was too excited and overlooked the scratched button... can anyone tell me if i can go back to LV tomo for an exchange?? i have no idea how come the bag is scratched.. are the buttons easily scratched?? can any perfo owners share with me their experiences pls.... :sad:
  2. I would keep the plastic on it! Don't use it. Take it back ASAP!
  3. I will go asap when the store opens tomo.. im so upset now... its my 1st LV bag.. whut a bad experience... feel so lost... dun think i can sleep tonight...
  4. Yea, def keep the plastic on it and don't touch it til you take it back tomorrow. You should be ok to return it for another one. Tell them that you didnt' use it which you didn't, etc.
  5. I hope you get on ok, thats a shame, you sound really excited about your purchase, hope everything goes well!
  6. it shoudln't be a problem....i bought a scarf a few weeks ago and when i got home i realized there was a run in it.....i was worried that they might be like u caused it (which i know they woudln't do but still.....) but they gave me no problems at all.....the SA brought out another one which also had a run.....then another one also with a run......and finally just brought out all of them so i could look through them.......i was kinda embarassed :shame: but she was incredibly nice about it and gave me no problems at all
  7. I've had the perfo speedy for a month now and never had a scratch fact I bang the bag around a lot since it is so sturdy and not what I would call delicate.
  8. I don't want to sound like the odd man out here but I would just keep it as is. It sucks that it has a scratch but eventually they aren't going to stay perfect. I would hang on to it unless you were using it for a sale later on down the road or a collectors item, good luck!:love:
  9. Take it back!! You JUST got it, of course it'll be worn later, but if it's your first week everything should be perfect. The first scratch/stain on a perfect bag is always hard :sad: you should cherish the time you have! LOL!
  10. They should definitely exchange it. I was able to exchange my Papillon 30 for another one because some of that red stuff they put on the sides of the handles was also on the fronts of the straps a little bit and I thought it looked messy and it bugged me. I had even carried it for a day:shame: (I didn't tell LV that, of course:P ), but it was still it "saleable condition," so they took it back. I don't think you'll have a problem :smile:
  11. Personally, I'm with her. ^^^
    I can never really enjoy a new item until it has its first blemish, it's just too nerve wracking. However, I am sure that LV will exchange it for you. Don't worry.