Help!!! My new Choos are too tight!

  1. Hi Ladies! I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo patent sling-backs, and realized they are a little tight length-wise. Now the sling-backs have elastic on the back (see picture), I believe it would help a lot once the elastic stretches out. What do you think I can do?

    Many thanks in advance!
  2. I know you said that they're tight (length-wise), but perhaps taking them to a cobbler and getting them stretched would help.

    Or, Maybe you can try stretching the elastic manually whenever you get some free time (a few times a day)?
  3. the elastic won't stretch that much and patent leather won't give unless heat-stretched.
  4. I had a pair of gorgeous Manolo pumps that were too tight, and so I called a shoe repair shop to ask about getting them stretched. The guy was like, um, I think you just need to buy a bigger size.

  5. LOL! Well, I did buy a bigger size when I bought my patents and was only able to wear them once after that, they felt way tight. I took them into a shoe repair and the guy heat-stretched them and now I can wear them with no problems
  6. Thanks for all the advices. I am disappointed to hear that the elastic won't stretch that much... Maybe I will just take them to a cobbler. I purchased them at a Jimmy Choo boutique, do you think they will stretch them for me?
  7. That is quite rude of him; after all, you were only trying to give him business. So what happened in the end? Did you return the shoes for a bigger size?