HELP!! my Medium Flap is falling apart =(

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  1. OK....i baught this on ebay 3 WKS AGO!!! IN NEW CONDITION!!!
    i did not notice when this started to happen, but one day when i woke up i braught it out and i saw that. i freaked out! how can the stitching become so loose in between the flaps???

    i dont use it everyday, and i baby it WTF?? does chanel need quality control or am i doing something wrong??? i know that chanel can fix this, but i dont even have a boutique here in ottawa!!!! help me, where can i go??

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  2. Ooh that doesnt look too good. Is the bag very old?? I cant see what kind of bag it is.
  3. Wow, that should not happen. How old is the bag?
  4. oh my gosh! that's really horrible! can you call the nearest chanel boutique to see if they will fix it for you if you mail it to them? good luck!
  5. i guess thats a Med flap? bc it has two flap.

    Definitely bring her to store for repair.
  6. yes...its a white medium flap 07....i baught it in brand new condition...
  7. O, no...! Unfortunately there are stitches that pop sometimes. Maybe you had something that made the bag expand so much that the stitch popped? Although I doubt it since you baby it so much. You'd have to bring it into a Chanel boutique, and they could tell you how to go about getting it repaired. Good luck!
  8. ^ hmm, i dont have a chanel boutique where i live, and the nearest one is about 2 hours away. i wanna find somewhere that is closer to me, maybe a tailor shop? or should i not trust them with something that precious? i dont know any "handbag tailors" here..
  9. No no, don't bring it to a tailor shop. You can call and talk to the CS at Chanel, and ship it to them. It will take much longer, but at least you will know that it is safe, and if anything happens to it during transit or the repair process, you can be protected.

    My flap busted not long ago too, if it's not too bad they can fix it fairly quickly sometimes. :smile:
  10. oh no... def. call the chanel store.
  11. eeek! Are you POSITIVE the bag wasn't like that when you bought it?
    1st thing I thought of was the Seller was able to cover it enough to sell it :s
  12. yea i agree with Swanky. i think the thing the seller possibly did was tucking the loose threads in so it looked like it was in mint condition when she/he sold it to you. just my guess...
  13. ^ no, i dont think it was the seller. i baught it from "eboutique" so that seller is reputable...of course when it arrived i checked all corners and everything, and the stitching there looked perfectly fine. i even tugged on it a lil just to be this?? aahhhh..
  14. Could you possible have caught it on something or is it possible that someone else accidently did it? If it wasn't the seller's fault, I honestly can't imagine what else could have caused that if it was just fine before.

    My only advice is to take it to Chanel for repair... I'm sorry that happened to you. : (
  15. I concur, send it to Chanel and they can fix it.