Help! My cat is having a weird peeing problem!

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  1. So my cat (and best bud in the world) is doing this weird peeing thing. Sometimes, he stands in the littler box (which is against a wall), lifts his tail, and SHAKES it like MAD - and out FLIES pee from under his lifted, shaking tail, and splatters aaaallllll over the wall :wtf: . He's always been weird with the "toilet" - very odd potty habits. For example, when he poops, he stands with all 4 paws on the edge of the litter box so that he is not in the litter box at all, and then goes so that when the poop falls, it lands directly in the litter box but he doesn't have to step in it or over it :lol:! Then he turns around (outside of the litterbox still), and puts one paw in to cover the stuff! But this new peeing at the wall thing - it's the most bizarre thing. It looks like he's spraying by the way the tail goes up - it's like a skunk :shocked:! And how it SHAKES - but that's what worries me. WHY is his tail shaking like that??? He doesn't appear in pain - no complaints, no weird faces when he's doing it. He's VERY vocal - so I'd expect he'd be acting differently if he was in pain. :hrmm:

    Any ideas? :shrugs: (oh, and he's neutured in case this matters, and is about 3 or 4 years old)

    And here's a pic of Rusty for a visual :love:
  2. Rusty is precious. As for his "problem" I haven't experienced that with my cats so I can't be of any help. But a change in litter box habits might indicate some sort of minor infection. Maybe a call to your vet would shed some light. He or she may want to do some blood tests and a urinalysis. Hope he's okay. He sure looks sweet.
  3. ^^ ITA. Changes in litterbox habits are sometimes a sign of a more serious health problem. So, if this is something new, I'd get Rusty to the vet just to be safe. He's very cute btw.
  4. Boy cats usually pee/spray at the wall as a marking behavior, which is what it sounds like from your description. Which is a normal behavior per sae... Girl cats can pee at the wall, but I have seen that more when they are in a very stressful situation and mad. Any major changes in your life to get him stressed, mad, etc? Did you change the litter itself? Is this a behavior something he started all of a sudden? If there is no major change in his life and this behavior change is sudden and continues, you should have him checked at the vets soon. At least the pee is coming out, right? Boy cats can get 'blocked' which is an emergency situation so I would keep a close eye on him. And yes, being blocked is very painful to the cat, so they would vocalize very loudly... Also, yes, could be an indication of some urinary tract infection, too.
    In the future, you could consider getting a HUGE litterbox...and you could be creative and create a 'wall' and use a plastic box that is not necessarily sold as a litterbox. Boy cat tends to be big, so to give a larger 'breathing' potty area, I know people who create their own litterbox from plastic boxes used in storage, etc., with regular litter in it.
    Rusty looks very comfortable in that picture...:smile: Orange boys are so darn cute! One of my boy cats do not cover his poo and pee, too... He let the younger girl kitty do it for him. Yes, he is the top kitty. So funny...
  5. Yes - 2 things: a new cat moved into our house, a female, about 3 months ago. And I had my chihuahua here all last week - thats when i began noticing it
  6. omg Rusty is such a cuteee cat!! I can't stop laughting after i read your post :roflmfao: I am sorry but it's just so funny pictureing it. Since he is neutured i really wonder why he would do that?? I am sure he is very picky about being clean! :yes:
  7. Even neutered males will spray when a new pet moves into its territory. Do you have at least 1 litter box per cat?
  8. Sounds like he is marking his territory... Once the cat social order re-establish, he may stop spraying... If not, you could try something like Feliway to 'comfort' him so that he does not have to mark all the time... I agree with invisicat, if you don't already, you should have 1 litter box per cat PLUS one. So if you have total two cats now, then you should ideally have three litterboxes.
  9. How did you "introduce" the new female? Did you just chuck her into the mix or did you introduce her gradually? Also, a new cat means an extra litter box!! In fact my vet just told me that you should have one litter box per cat, plus an extra, so that would mean three for you. ( Oh, I see tiramisu has all ready mentioned this).

    If you didn't arrange a proper introduction for the new kitty you may have to start over and do it right. What you DO NOT want is letting bad litterbox behaviour get ingrained!

    In case you are wondering I have 8 cats myself and it has been a real learning experience!
  10. Your boy is such a handsome kitty! You may want to run everything thats going on by your vet and see what they say. I think the three kitty litter boxes is a great idea too. I have two cats and three boxes, which works out really well. Be sure to tell Rusty that he's not being replaced with the other kitty, and that he's still your "best bud in the world"! That's important he knows that.
  11. I bet this is the cause of Rusty's "change". I don't know what to do about it, but I've heard that changes in living situations can cause cat's to behave differently when it comes to peeing.
  12. Wow such good responses! Lemme try to get my responses in. K, him and Margali (the other cat) get along fine. We didn't introduce them really, I just brought her in and they were fine immediate;y (Rusty is REALLY laid back lol). But when I had the chihuahua here, you could tell he felt threatened. He wanted more attention, etc.

    As for the "spraying" - the only weird thing is that he's not spraying outside of the litter box. He's standing IN the litterbox and peeing on the wall!

    YES we have 2 litter boxes. One with a hood, one without a hood. We're thinking of buying a hood for the hood-less one so that he can't get the wall.
  13. Definitely think you should buy a hooded litter box!!! I have a really cute one for my cat- it's purple and has a heart-shaped entrance lol!!! Good luck!