HELP!! My Cafe Brief came WITHOUT any extra tassles?!

  1. Hi All,

    Have been lurking but not posting for sometime ;)

    I've just bought a Cafe Brief from Aloha Rag and it has just arrived :yahoo:

    However, I noticed that there are no extra tassles provided??? And on the card where AR confirmed the 'quality check' the extra tassles option was slashed and cancelled out :confused1:

    I'm just wondering do the Briefs not come with extra tassles??

    I :heart: the bag but I saw a slight spot near the front zipper which is dry and also the tassles are already split :crybaby:(Not that I mind it that much but is this normal??)

    I'm really upset as I love the bag and the returning and exchanging process is just way to long (I'm in Australia) can someone please please tell me what to do???

    I tried calling AR but they're now closed for the day :sad:

    ETA: It's a regular hw Brief...
  2. I am pretty sure that it should have come with extra tassels. I have never dealt with AR so I am not much help. Good luck!!
  3. BTW, congrats on your new bbag.
  4. Congrats on your new bag! :heart:
    You should definitely call them to find out whats wrong with the tassle if it bothers you..
    I'm sure it is still a supercute bag..would u mind posting pics..
  5. ^^ yay, congrats on your new cafe brief :yahoo:...i've got one too & the tassels were already split when i bought sweet SA @ "Barney's" nyc swapped them out for me before i left though & luckily, i've got the extra tassels too...but the cafe brief is a stunning bag & i think you should keep it :tender:...AR is a nice place & they'll send you another set of tassels if you call & ask, it just might take a while...i think the tassels splitting so fast has something to do with that particular color though, because my SA said she saw it happen with all the cafe's...let us know whatever you decide!!!
  6. I purchased the ocean blue brief this week at Neimans and the tassels were already split. It did come with extra tassels that were in a plastic bag in the inside pocket. I hope this helps.
  7. i would NOT be happy if i bought a brand new bag and the tassles were already split
  8. Hi mcvogue, if I were you I would try to contact AR again as they may have another cafe brief that doesn't have split tassels and they should be able to send you the spare tassels as well. If they don't have the spare tassels see if they can offer you a small refund to compensate. The bag is too expensive to have split tassels already and not have received extra tassels.:tdown:
  9. Congrats on your new bag! I love the cafe color :love:. I'm sorry to hear that there are aspects of it that you aren't completely satisfied with. For the amount you invest in it... you should come away feeling really good about your purchase. aaa and Natasha had some really great suggestions. I bet with some good communication you'll be coming away feeling much better. Good Luck!