Help my age my oxidizing leather

  1. Does any one know how to age the oxidizing leather fast?
  2. Are you trying to get a patina on your leather? Try placing your bag in a sunny area. :shrugs:
  3. how long for? is there another way i heard it used the oils from your hands didnt know another way
  4. Someone suggested baby wipes some time ago...
  5. has any one tried baby wipes?
  6. Tanning bed.
  7. how many times does it take to tan it in a bed?
  8. Just place it in a warm, bright area for a few days, turning the bag occasionally... the sunlight and the heat will help speed up the process. I don't know about tanning beds, but baby wipes will add patina to your vachetta, but make sure you condition the leather afterwards.
  9. ok i have a new sac chassee, garment bag and a toiletrie bag. Im not sure they are my first purschases. I like the way they look used not witht he whiteish leather

    and help on what to make it patina faster and how to protect it?
  10. also what vachetta sorry new to all of this!
  11. Vachetta is the leather that's used on the bag. :smile:
  12. thankyou sorry but will the tanning bed damage the leather? If not how many times will i have to tan it in the bed
  13. I've been tanning mine every day for the last week - 30 minutes a day. It is noticably darker - I don't close the bed all the way (so it doesn't get too hot) and I put it on a clean white towel - (no tingle lotion LOL!)
  14. thanks for all the help!
  15. any other suggestions?