HELP! Multicolore Speedy Discoloration!!!

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  1. Take it to another boutique and insist on speaking with the manager. This is a known defect. It is not wear and tear. It is due to the glue that they were using back then to attach the lining to the bag. Insist on a FREE repair.
  2. I really wish I would have found this forum sooner because I had that same thing happen on my white MC Speedy. Mine was not as bad, I had the discoloration line outlining the pocket. I had no idea it was glue issue but I knew it was nothing that I had done because I had not used it that often and was very careful when I did (never took it out when it was raining/snowing). Mine was purchased from ELuxury when they were in business. I had a black one as well and nothing was wrong with that one.
    I ended up selling it because I no longer had the receipt and eluxury was no longer in business. I am now kicking myself because I miss it but now the bag is about $1000.00 more. I am really hesitant to purchase any MC pieces since I feel this should not happen to a luxury bag like that.
  3. I am bringing this thread back! I was going through my collection and I have a White Mulitcolor Speedy in pretty much new condition and I just noticed the yellowing around the pocket. Now of course I bought this bag a LONG time ago! Bought retail new. I really never used it and you can tell as it is immaculate except for this yellowing! Do you think LV would do anything about this so many years later, especially as it's a known defect? I have had this packed away in it's dustbag and box in my closet. I only take it out every now and then to admire it! Lol! Thanks in advance.
  4. Do you have a picture?
  5. Don't store your bags in the LV boxes.
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  6. It's been in the dustbag but in the box. What would be the reason not to do this?
  7. It seems to be in the four corners, but on top, it's on top of the pocket.
    IMG_3264.JPG IMG_3265.JPG IMG_3266.JPG IMG_3267.JPG
  8. My almost 15 year old Speedy! Hard to see the discoloration in this photo, that's why I posted the closeups. I noticed it immediately when I took it out and I do remember there being an issue with the glue back many years ago. I bought this end of IMG_3270.JPG March of 2004
  9. Louis Vuitton discourages owners to use the gift boxes as storage boxes because they are not made with acid free material and they block airflow around the bags.
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  10. Thanks! I never knew that. Wouldn't the dustbag protect it from the acid free material? (and air flow?) Well despite the discoloration from the glue issue, this bag has done well. I have my first LV bag that is a Cabas Piano in a bag and box too :-/ It looks great for being an old bag.
  11. Good I am glad your bags are holding up well!
  12. Yes, thank you!! (but I will definitely start storing differently. Do you know why they need airflow? or how the box would prevent that? This box is not super tight fitting- it's a big box)

    This Glue thing which was the reason for my original post. Any help with that? Will LV do anything after all this time considering it is a manufacturing defect? I'm super sad about this. The bag is pristine otherwise and I took pride in that! I was keeping it as a collection or maybe my daughter might want it some day - though she's young and not into it now.
  13. Hard to tell what LV will tell you. Take it into your local boutique and let us know what you find out. Materials naturally degrade over time so nothing will stay new forever, even if they are stored and never used. Best of luck to you!
  14. Thanks-- yes, I know that but this was a known issue with the glue around the pocket. And that is the only place there is discoloration. I'm pretty sure the LV store will not do anything after 15 years, but it would be nice if they would still stand up for their products with known defects.
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  15. I actually just messaged their customer service twitter about the same thing. They said that they do still repair the multicolor line and to bring it into a store.
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