HELP! Multicolore Speedy Discoloration!!!

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  1. I've noticed some discoloration on the front pocket of my purse!!! Any suggestions??? :wtf:

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  2. This yellowing is caused by the glue that was used in this product. Take it back to LV, tell them that you know that LV knows that this ia a known defect. Depending on the Sa, they may play dumb. They have to either replace the pocket for free or give you a brand new one or give you the current retail value of your bag if they wont do the first two.

    I had a MC white pochette GM that turned pink on me also due to the glue and they tried to play me for a fool. I told them that I was a member of TPF and that I knew that LV knew this was a known defect. 8 weeks later and after many phone calls, they gave me a brand new one.
  3. Wow! That's good to know. I got this bag in 2004. I didn't know that they can fix this or even replace it. Thank you so much!!

  4. :yes:^^^ITA!!!
  5. If you take it in they SHOULD replace the front pocket for free as it is a known issue.
  6. wow!! u should take that one in too!!... yea if they dont replace it ... they should fix the problem for u by replacing the pocket..
    im not familiar with this defect but im sure our fellow tpf'ers can help..

    goodluck!! :smile:
  7. Thanks!! I will take them back!
  8. Just curious as to what happened....any updates?
  9. Thanks for the reply! How long did it take for them to replace the pocket on the speedy, and were you happy with the craftsmanship of the replacement? I have heard people say that it took months! That's a long time to go without your baby! lol Yours looks good from your pics!
  10. ^^^Usually their quote is 6-8 weeks but I find its not usually that long.

    Glad they fixed your bag for you!!
  11. I'm so sad, just found my mc mini speedy from 2003 to be yellow on both sides. Gonna call the lv store to see if they can fix it. Anyone else have this problem recently?
  12. Hi yes
    I took my mini in today and they wanted proof of purchase
    Then she said she could do a straight exchange today only for the value of when I bought it in 2004
    I need up getting milla mc black pouchette
    Not bad but I will miss my mini
  13. You are so lucky, I took it to the store shortly after I posted on here and they refuse to do anything for me because they said my purchase was over two year and they cannot do anything for purchase over 2 years.
  14. Really? I got mines in 2004. I would take it to another boutique. I took my bag to Bloomies at South Coast. I had no problems. good luck!!