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  1. i have heard so many problems with the damier speedy 30 on this forum and i have a constant feeling that this might happen to mine. i haven't used it and i have 2 more weeks to decide on whether i should keep it or not. pls help me decide. if i exchange it, should i get the mono 30 or the monty pm?
  2. Keep it I LVoe mine its my go to bag the poor thing gets hauled everywhere with me still looks brand new! sometimes problems occur with peoples bags but surely it could happen to any style of bag! enjoy you bag if you LVoe it if not get something else that makes your heart skip a beat, GoodLuck deciding!
  3. actually, it's not love at first sight for me with the damier. but when i wear it, i totally love it. :love:
  4. Keep it!
    I recently sold my speedy and while a couple years old it still looked brand new!!!
    Not sure what problems people have had as it's a beautiful strong bag!!!!
  5. I think you should keep it! Not sure about the problems with it that you worry of but Im pretty sure with mono and vachetta there are more worries than with the ebene...I love my ebene speedy and its my go to bag when I do not want to worry about vachetta so I find that it has become my daily handbag....
  6. I love my damier speedy! I wouldn't sell it for anything. I'm not sure what problems people have had with the damier but I know that it's a lot less maintenance than any bag that has vachetta like the monogram bags. I live in a city where it rains a lot and this bag is a godsend. Definitely keep it :yes:
  7. get the mono 30 ..35 i like mono
  8. I absolutely love my damier speedy! I carry almost daily and have had no problems at all
  9. what are the problems?
  10. Well, if this will make you feel any better...I just came from my local LV store and asked about the whole "Damier peeling handles" business and I asked my SA "Have people returned a lot of Damier Speedies because of this?"...she said no one has ever returned that bag for that reason...that no one had returned the bag period because that has never happened where we live. She also added that she had a fake Damier Ebony Speedy and that happened to hers.
  11. i agree.
  12. Keep!
  13. You know it's not love at first sight for me either, even when I try it on. I feel that I was entertaining the bag to complete my Speedy 30 collection of the classic canvas (mono,azur & ebony). It does not scream "buy me Div4life." I feel like there is just too much brown going on between me and the bag...we just kinda blend! KWIM? LOL...I think I am slowly giving up on that bag working for me.
  14. had mine for close to a wasnt 'arghh,i'm in love' when i saw it cos i actually wanted to get the trevi..but since i splurged on a chanel that same day, i 'settled' for the speedy since its cheaper and yet a classic, i love it, everyday bag that goes with almost everything and is hardy, fits everything i squeeze into it! Keep it!
  15. I think the bag is great! I love mine and it is nice to be vachetta free when I carry her. I have not had any problems. The handles, stitching, everything is perfect. I also think the ebony looks great with many colors and neutrals.