Help me with these Gorgeous YSL Tribtoos

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  1. How should they fit? These are the 38.5s in my modeling shots - and they are fiercely tight in the toebox. Do they stretch? The 39s feel too long, even padded I am walking out of them! Normally I am a 39 in CLs and 39.5 in pointy Manolos.

    Help me get this right! thanks! bt

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  2. I find them TTS, and fit OK in the toe box...I think this could just be an issue of wearing them a bit more. You don't want to get a bigger size and risk slipping out of them.
  3. I actually found them to be a bit larger than other YSL styles. I took TTS and put padding in the right foot (right foot smaller than the left).

    But mine are not patent. Might wait and see how other folks chime in.