Help me with a decision...please!!

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which option do I go with?

  1. Grafitti Neverfull, Grafitti Zippy wallet, Sunglasses

  2. Grafittin Neverfull, Sarah wallet in Rose Pop, Sunglasses

  3. Mahina L in black

  4. Save your money, something better will come along

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  1. I am planning to make a purchase in the next couple of weeks, but I'm so confused! After this purchase, I will be banned for most of the year.

    Please help me make a choice and if possible, give reasons :smile:

    I am kind of stuck on the grafitti but I think it is because I :heart::heart: pink.

    These are the bags I already own:
    Neverfull MM
    Monty GM
    Tivoli PM
    Palermo GM


    Grenade Alma

    Belleuve PM - Pomme
  2. ...Any bags to chose from?
  3. ^the poll at the top has my list of possibilities ;)
  4. I have voted for - NF, Sarah wallet and glasses. :tup:

    Let us know what you choose and post pic's !!:yes:
  5. I have voted for the Mahina L because I love this bag. The leather is so soft and the shape is perfect. In my honest opinion, I think the Grafitti NF is too much for my liking. Although I LOVE the Sarah Wallet, I would have to say no to option number 2. Definitely get the Mahina L, you don't know when the price's going up again. Do post pic if you get it!!!
  6. My question is do you wear the neverful you already have alot? If the answer is yes. then my choice is number 2. I love the sarah wallet it is the easiet one to use. You have a lot of beautiful bags, so get the one you will really use the most.
  7. I voted for the Mahina too. I love it!
  8. Absolutely, I use it the most of all my bags.
  9. I voted for 2 - being that you love pink I think it would be a good choice...I have the sarah wallet in rose pop and LOVE it...every time I take it out I am soooo HAPPY!...its a very uplifting item to have...I say no to 1 because graffiti w/graffiti would kind of be too much...I like the variation of graffiti NF and rose pop...and the sunglasses that just seals the deal...its like getting all the favorite things!
  10. I love the Mahina L Black, it's a lovely size.
  11. choice 2! lots of versatility!!
  12. i voted mahina because that's a very classic line in my opinion and won't go out of style~
  13. I think I'm alone but I went with option #1
  14. Mahina L ...I'm loving mine...
  15. I voted to save $$$; something will come to totally wow you!