Help me to understand the difference and decide between these bags?

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  1. Hi!

    I am new here and on my mission to buy my first Mk bag. I have been looking different styles for months and that lead me to like Mk looks the most so far. I was originally aiming to buy Selma. However I started to like other models after watching so many videos about them. Now there is 2 different types on the webpages and I fail to understand whats the difference there? Here is an example of one of the styles I have been looking.

    First one is Cynthia with Saffiano leather.

    There is also version without the text Saffiano, just saying 100% Leather. Which is the one below:
    The styles seem different to me and the insides of the bag were also different. But what is the actual difference in the leather here? I am new on this matter and I dont actually know much about different leather styles and what is something I should perhaps rather avoid and what to pick.

    Does anyone have the lower bag? To see what the inside of the zipper pocket looks like? If its like on Mercer bags with mini pockets inside or not?

    The second one I was considering is the Mercer.
    This is said to be 100% Full-Grain Pebbled Leather. How does that leather differ from the 2 Cynthias above?

    Which of these 2(3?) bags would you recommend me to buy? What you think would be the best choice?

    Thanks in advance for help!
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  2. I dont have any of these bags. A long time ago, when the design was first coming out, I had been eyeing a Cynthia satchel for purchase. It is so adorable. I think I ended up deciding to wait for a different color and then I got distracted by another bag. My memory is fuzzy on the Cynthia details. But that design was closest to the first photo. Make sure to post pictures and a link to the sale in the "Authenticate This" thread to get an authentication for an older bag.

    The Cynthia is a very cute structured bag. It's been around for a few years so I think it has had some design changes. But i don't know what for sure.

    The saffiano leather has a crosshatched pattern and is stiff. This helps a bag keep its structure over time. So if you want a bag to slouch and look good, don't choose saffiano. says for the second bag, the inner center zip only has 3 card slots. That's not a lot of organization.

    I don't know much about the Mercer Gallery, but a lot of Mercer's have insides lined with Saffiano leather to help give the purse added structural support. So you have the soft pebbled leather that you see and touch, but the saffiano inside helping keeping it the original shape. The handles won't fold down like the Cynthia so that might be a concern for you.

    I hope some of that is helpful, good luck!
  3. It was helpful, thank you! :smile:
  4. The top two are both Cynthia's but the 2nd is probably a pebble (softer) leather because of the strap. Any time the strap had those metal studs in them instead of the usual "belt buckle", it'll be in pebble/smooth leather, Saffiano usually always comes with buckle. The top Cynthia might be the older version, there might be a difference in size.

    3rd bag is different altogether, it's Mercer Gallery.
  5. I don't know how to explain the difference but I do know creases in ain leather are quite visible. Saffiano is treated leather with lines and pebbled leather texture I like best. I also think it might be the sturdiest of the lot!