help me to find chanel flats

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  1. I have been looking for a perfect chanel flats, and I just saw a picture of a chanel flats that has gold (on the tip of the shoes) and black combination.

    Anybody has ever seen them recently?

    Thank you:smile:
  2. Please show us a pic if you can!:smile:
  3. #4 Oct 4, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2010
    xxxxxxxxxxx not allowed
    this is the only picture that I can find, I know that the website sells knock off. I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to post knock off website.

    Thank you..:smile:
  4. yes, links to knock offs are not allowed

    sheesh, i opened it and my virus protector screamed "threat has been detected"
  5. I'm very sorry. I'm trying to delete the link, but couldn't find how to do it.
    Let me know if you know how to do it.

    anyway, here's a picture i found from ebay website.

  6. Oh no don't be. It happens. I was at scp bloomies yesterday and saw the boots version. Try calling them, they just got new shipments of shoes. Or email one it's chanel SAs':
  7. thank you.. I emailed her just now, hope to hear from her soon.

    Thank you Bevyofpurses =)