Help me to decide !!! :-)

  1. Honestly I don't like the VP's with the chunky heel that much I think they look a bid "old" now that's just me. I think the O my slings are very pretty and I love the taupe color which is really versatile.
    So I would get these or wait, depending on what you are really wanting.
  2. No Prive gets my vote.
  3. O My Sling looks so much more elegant, don't like that heel on the Prive
  4. I prefer the second one... good luck deciding!
  5. Another vote for the seconds...x
  6. O my sling!
  7. O Sling! I think Nude should only be done in patent, i am not digging the kid leather.
  8. Another vote for the O sling shoe. VP heel is too chunky imo.
  9. My vote goes to the O Sling, the color is beautiful. Not a fan of the shorter, chunkier heel of the Prive.
  10. I like the NP evenm w the thicker heel. I think you will be able to dress it up & down more.
  11. I really liked the O My slings when I first saw them online and still do! They look so classy. The NP is very classic too. I like the lower heel just as much as a higher 100mm heel. I have VPs in 80mm and the heel is thicker just like the NPs in the link and they are very beautiful.
  12. The second pair.
  13. I like the second one more.
  14. thanks girls!! I think it will be the oh my sling in taupe :smile: But I will check that today IRL. Love this color too... catcat... :smile: