Help me to decide please. Miu Miu ....

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  1. Hi ,

    I can not decide which one I like better.

    Please let me know which one would you prefer:

    1.) Miu Miu Coffer

    2.) White Oversized Matelasse

    3.) Purple Matelasse

    Im not sure why the white Matelasse is oversized? The purple is bigger than the white and its not oversized??? Or is it not the same size? I really love the white one. But do you think it looks really good with this style and material? Maybe andybody saw it IRL ??

    THANKS !!!!

  2. coffer 100%!! I love mine!!
  3. The coffer bag but I also really like the purple matelasse.
  4. Is the coofer version the "classic" line from MIU MIU??? Im not really sure.

    What do you think about the white bag?? Im not sure if this color look "cheap" IRL ???

    The purple is sooo nice. But it could be a problem with your outfit?? What do you think?
  5. COFFER!!! *yes, i'm screaming! :woohoo:hee hee.

    Seriously, the coffer is a wonderful, beautiful, perfect bag! The one you posted is the original size, but that yummy silver color is for this season only (unless they do it again later). If you get the coffer, you will NOT regret it. Just ask Miu2, our coffer queen, who have all turned us into coffer lovers.

    The matelasses are too big IMO. I've seen them and I tried them on... they're nice on their own. I'm only 5.299999' and it just swallowed me up. Talk about the purse wearing you. I definitely prefer the coffer over these two hands down.

    Hope this helped.
  6. I like the grey coffer the best! The colour is wonderful! I don't like the purple matelasse (too shiny and the colour is uneven) and the white one is pretty, but white bags get really dirty, especially big ones.

    Go for the first one!
  7. As Marose eluded to, I am the Coffer Fanatic, however on the practical side I must say that the white bag must be worn with caution due to the light color. The lambskin is very susceptible to color transfer from clothing. The purple Matelasse is beautiful however, can only be worn with a limited amount of colors.
    Now, the Coffer is a beautifully neutral color and those added front pockets are the crowning glory of this bag! Those pockets alone have made me look at bags in an entirely different light! I now look specifically for outer pockets on my bags because of the convenience they afford me!!

    My vote is for the Coffer (big surprise....:lol:)!!!