Help me to choose please !

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  1. i have a speedy B 25 in ebene And now I'm looking at Siena Pm! If I take the Siena I'll going to sell my Speedy that's new from this year..
    So, what I have to do? I can't decide! Here picture of me wearing both..
    Thank you everyone

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  2. oh the debate continues... i have both these bags in 30/MM and i love them both for different reasons. They both look great, but I lean towards the Speedy. It's a timeless class and will never go out of style. I feel like the pleated detail will look dated at some point on the Siena, but makes it a little dressier. Speedy is roomier and I feel doesn't stick out as much since there is no structured bottom. Speedy is lighter, but not by much.
    Again, both great bags and I have both so either is great... I just realized I wasn't much help...GLD!
  3. Personally I prefer the siena of the two. More feminine and I just love the pleats. Because of the way the bag is structured it doesn't seem as though the pleats would loose their shape over time like some of LV's other bags with pleats. The opening seems a bit larger on the siena too.
  4. Keep the Speedy B :biggrin:
  5. My exact debate this week! I had a Siena pm, decided I just wasn't crazy about the pleated look (even though otherwise I think it's an awesome bag), and ordered a Speedy 25 in DE. Got it Tuesday. I'm now trying to sell the Siena because I don't want to keep both. There are things I like about each bag but overall I like the look of the Speedy better. I'm hoping once I have an organizer in it, my other concerns will be eliminated.
  6. As others have pointed out, the Siena is more feminine and a bit dressier. Based on the style of your outfits, the Speedy suits you better than the Siena, IMO.
  7. I prefer the Speedy and would keep that bag if I were forced to choose. Good luck deciding.
  8. I'd go for the Siena!
  9. +1
  10. love the Speedy - keep it!
  11. Keep the speedy B for some reason I do not like the Sienna. I do not like what the thing looks like in the middle. I can probably deal with it in favorite since they are on the sides but that middle thing to me looks off. Sorry. no offense just my personal opinion.
  12. I would keep the Speedy.
  13. Thank you very Much for your advice !
  14. Yes of course the opening is larger in Siena, and it's a good point because it's what I really don't like of the speedy b!
  15. I have neither bag so this opinion is purely based upon how the bag looks on you (sorry to be so vain, lol!!), but my vote is for the speedy. It just looks more chic (IMO) on/against you.