Help me spend my $100.00 Saks gift card!

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  1. I got a gift card to saks for $100.00 but am clueless on what to buy. Throw ideas at me!

    22 year old female
    120 pounds
    Living in upstate NY

    All ideas welcome!!! I originally wanted a pair of velour juicy pants but there are none on the site ... :confused1:
  2. Makeup?
  3. I'm sure they'd probably have some juicy pants for you in the store. Head over and check it out!
  4. Nice jeans - Citizens or Sevens? I've gotten Citizens on sale at Saks for $80. These are about $110 on

  5. Sunglasses!!

    It's a little of a splurge to pay full price for a pair of say, Chanel or Dior. And they don't go on sale often. So with a nice gift card "discount," I say go for it.

    I got a pair of the Denise Richards Chanel sunnies with the gift card I received after splurging on a Chanel jumbo flap bag.

    Good luck!
  6. lol i already have those - the ones with the swarovski crystals all over the sides? I also have a pair of fendi's that i wear mostly

    i dont have any near me :sad:
  7. juicy jewelry box, juicy panties set or nightie set, lingerie (some of the less-expensive brands)
  8. Maybe a Juicy T-shirt or the perfume it smells soo good i got it for Xmas.
    Or some earrings or sunglasses
  9. I say buy make-up or skin care products.