help me please with this decision.....

  1. Do you guys like a vernis pomme wallet best with a damier bag, or does a vernis framboise wallet look better (which I have), or just as cute?? I'm trying to justify buying a new vernis pomme wallet. I'm just wondering if the red is too matchy matchy, and the pink is cuter, cuz its different. TIA:p
  2. Both are cute and they both match a damier bag. Get the one you like more. I personally like the pomme more.
  3. Framboise is awesome next to damier... but, pomme works too...
  4. I would say either.
  5. I think either looks great.
  6. I agree, either would look nice.
  7. I'm not crazy about the new color lining in the Damier. Framboise looks better on the outside of the bag because pink and brown and beautiful together.
  8. I think either would look great!
  9. Both are great, but pomme and damier are just made for each other.:love: I've got a pomme wallet, and I like that it matches the lining of my bag.
  10. this is what i think

    Pomme- goes with Damier best, IMO
    Framboise- goes with Mono best, IMO
  11. i like the pomme. it adds some more flair to the damier.
  12. I would choose the pomme.
  13. ohhhhhh man...that's what I was thinking too!! Now I need to get it in the pomme. I was hoping you guys would talk me out of it!!! LOL:p
  14. the pomme will definitely match with the damier lining. it's also easier to mix with the other lines but both will look fine. get the color you most like so you wouldn't regret it later...
  15. Both are gorgeous, I use a red coach siggy wallet w/ all my bags, and love the way red accessorizes w/ them especially the dameir, but I think framboise would look equally beautiful as red.