Help me please! What can I do with my yard?

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  1. You don't mention a budget, but have you considered a Gazebo? Landlord/Property Management might not permit it, so you'd have to check. It would make a good place for a gathering, even if rainy.

    A 10' x 10' unit would cover a lot of the yard, leaving less to landscape, maintain and water. You might even be able to add gutters and collect rain water from it.
  2. Sounds like what I deal with every Spring/Summer so annoying! I actually had a landscaper come and place stones all over my small yard which had patches of grass when I moved into the house (it was a mess) that was a serious eyesore. He laid a tarp (think that's what its called) to help fight the weeds but they are busting thru it which is why much too often i'm out there pulling weeds. I have this on one side of my back yard and the other side concrete where my patio table sits but the weeds grow so rapid and high I can never enjoy my back yard. I also live in a townhome so I share my neighbors weeds :pout:
  3. I bet you'd show that yard whose boss :lol:

  4. :p:p


  5. :smooch::giggles:
  6. There's nothing preventing me from doing something like that but it's not what I want to do out there. Appreciate the suggestion, though!

    This weekend I have to spray all my weeds and grass that are sprouting up but I don't know if I can find an eco friendly product to do that. The yard needs to be rid of them before I can do anything.

    Some people have suggested hostas to me but I hear they can take a few years to take hold. Maybe be a starting point.
  7. And all this time I had no idea we were neighbours!!!

    Sounds very much like when I had the rock put into my yard. That didn't work out though.

  8. This is a concern of mine as well, all those pesticides run off right into the ground. I haven't been using any just pulling them, blah!

  9. I call my area monster weed town :lol: