Help me please! first Gucci bag

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  1. I want to purchase my first Gucci bag, I love the Sukey medium tote in off white guccissima ( I wear jeans a lot, might not be a good choice :wondering) or the Joy medium boston bag w/dark brown leather trim?. Please list any Gucci bag you think I should think about also. Thanks for all the help:smile:
  2. I love Bostons so I would say boston - also I have the one with the dark brown leather trim and it is a really nice classic bag.

    However the sukey is awesome too. If you wear jeans a lot, you could go with a brown guccissima sukey instead. I have the sukey boston and it comes with a leather shoulder strap so it could be alternative to the regular sukey.
  3. thanks;)
  4. Do you think the Sukey bag will go on sale in June or December?
  5. I prefer totes over satchels so I vote sukey in any guccissima other than off white (since you wear jeans alot). I highly doubt the sukey will go on sale anytime soon since it is a very popular bag and is part of the classic collection.
  6. Thank you sneezz:crybaby::crybaby:
  7. I dunno if they made the sukey in other colors (other than what is on, but if they did and it's a seasonal/less popular color, it may go on sale. ;)
  8. :girlsigh: Thanks for all your help
  9. Have you gone to the boutique to try some bags on? I highly recommend doing that. Also, try EVERYTHING on - hehe. You'll be amazed how something that's sitting on the shelf looks just "ok" but then as soon as you put it on your shoulder - it magically transforms to your "I have to have this" bag.

    You can't go wrong with the Sukey tote but I'd be afraid of the off-white guccissima (unless you're really careful and baby your bag) or the Boston. They are both great bags.

    Like GhstDreamer, I own the Sukey Boston and it's the best of both worlds!
  10. Agreed with the ladies.. you must go into the store to try out the styles.. sometimes go on the Computer screen.. might not look right on you.. hha vice versa..

    THe sukey has silver guccisisma one... this season.. and it might go on sale during the next sale.. but the classic color.. i.e black or brown guccissima or canvas rarely go on sale.. unless they are going to discontinue the style..

    I will also stay away from off white guccissima.. since I already got color transfer on my lavendar guccissima bag.. so it might be better to get a darker color bag..

    Either the joy boston or the sukey are nice.. it is totally depend whether you are shoulder bag person or handheld person and what is your current needs...
  11. I didn't think of going to the store:faint: will do thanks for the help ladies:hugs:
  12. Boston is a great bag..I owned one and I love it!
  13. I've a hobo (medium), which I absolutely adore but I find it a little small for everyday use. If you are planning something for daytime use, then I would recommend something a bit bigger. Good luck!
  14. My advice: just go to Gucci store, and u can ask for help from the seller directly, I believe that they can give u a good advice, a suitable bag wit ur style ;)
    Wish u wil happy wit ur first Gucci purchase :yahoo:
  15. Congrats on your first Gucci purchase. I would say get the boston first. To me it screams classic, but the Sukey is one of my favs. You may be surprised when you go to the store you may see something else. I also like the D ring hobos.