Help Me Please............Canton Rd Zippy Coin Purse

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  1. There was a thread about the LE zippy coin purse avilable for the reopening of 5 Canton Rd.

    Can anyone tell me if it is still available and the cost. My SA store director is heading to HK for meetings and I have asked her to get one for me. I want to be able to give her as much info as possible.

    So, calling anyone who knows!!! Esp Vuittonophiles in HK

  2. If you're desperate you could try calling the store itself and asking. Canton Road is an area populated with tourists and the SAs there should speak very good English. I think you will get an answer faster than waiting for someone here to reply. It is currently 9 AM their time.
  3. Thanks, I do know the Manager of the Peninsula Store maybe I should ask her, but I aready have my SA on the job, so to speak, and her manager leaves today!
  4. I think it was bagaholicboy who posted about it, try pm'ing him.
  5. I talked to my relatives who just got me one and they were told that there weren't that many left. I believe it is 4000HK give or take a few hundred. Hope that helps.
  6. it is $HKD3150
  7. The SAs at Canton Road isn't that helpful. But it could be otherwise as other SAs are calling for you.
  8. The product code is M66569...good luck:smile:
  9. thanks guys