Help me plan(!) my next bag please! (UK Girls pls help too!)

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  1. #1 Jul 4, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2009
    I know, I don't usually plan anything, but I need some help please! :nuts:

    Off for a short trip to London at the end of July. Due to meeting heaps of friends and having a small child in tow, who doesn't like shopping, I won't be able to browse the stores.

    I don't intend to buy any further new bags from here as the exchange rate plus the extra % is horrendous. So London is my only chance.

    However, I don't really know what I want :biggrin: I've been plouging through threads, but can't seem to find the pics I'm after so hoping you could help. I think the F/W will be in then too... Search isn't working which is why I can't find any pics :sad:

    Basically I want either a classic Jumbo / Maxi or a Reissue 227 / 228.
    Colours only. No neutrals. The new bordeaux reissue is v nice, as is a blue I saw somewhere (but can't find now). I don't like washed caviar for the classics, I like super-structure.

    Luckily I've just seen the new wallet in the fuschia IRL and it's not for me so that's been struck of the list.


    Alternatively, I could leave my money in US$ in PayPal and see what's for sale in September when I return? Still loving the older XL Jumbos...

    What to do?
    Transfer into UK£ and hope for the best or leave where it is and hope for the best? :P

    TIA :heart:
  2. I think the navy 227 reissue is gorgeous! You should get it. Are you going to pay by credit card?
  3. The search is working now!
    Navy doesn't suit me - makes my skin look as if it's recently been dug up ;)

    I need clear, bright colours!

    I'm thinking along the lines of the blue "turquoise" maxi / bordeaux reissue / red something LOL!
    All colours I will need to see IRL, so I think I will transfer my PayPal to UK£ just in case.

    Not sure re CC, probably. Any reason?

    Haven't yet worked out whether I can get tax free outside of the airport as I have a British Passport but Japan address.

    It's all soooo complicated (story of my life!)
  4. If you don't like the navy reissue, I think the turquoise is a great choice!

    For the credit card question, I was just thinking why bother to convert the $ in PayPal. You may pay by CC and set the bill with money in your existing bank accoutns? I think we need to know if your existing bank accounts are in JPY or GBP or what?
  5. Bank a/c in GBP but PP in USD. Can't withdraw into bank a/c without converting as I don't have Japanese or US account.

    Need to release funds as bank a/c is low :sad:
  6. Any other recommendations re classics / reissue colours? Who's seen the Prefall IRL?