Help me pick the color for my WOC


Sep 11, 2006
1. Camel Caviar - I have no clue how "camel" looks like 'cause it is somewhere but here. The SA describe to me that it's not beige, not brown, but camel, :yahoo:. I like caviar 'cause i don't have to worry about scratches, but i have to admit the style is plain, and it lays flat, which makes it look more like a wallet than a purse/clutch, so I am afraid it's too casual for events?

2. Metallic Navy - Love the color and the style, but it's metallic, is it still timeless next year, and the year after and forever? It doesn't lay flat, I like that, so it looks more like a clutch, suitable for night life, but can you picture me wearing short, tennis shoes with the metallic clutch in the zoo? :nuts:

Wonder if I should do quilted black? Have nothing in black... that means i have to start a whole new wardrobe in black... Decision, decision... by tomorrow 'cause sales will end at NM


Jul 2, 2006
I Love London!
what are your instincts telling you to get?

I think metallic in Navy would be hot as its something metallic but in a small dose :smile: sounds like it would be timeless.

The beige if you are after glam and casual, but are more often casual than not.