Help me pick the color for Heloise


Mar 6, 2008
Dear all,

I just received my Plum Heloise today, and I don't know should i make an exchange to the other color

The plum = dark purple...she's pretty but i know I won't deal much with her. So If I keep it, she will stay in my closet forever.

The chocolate brown = not see it in real but easy choice for clothes.

I'm gonna get the red lambskin (ordered just 5 mins)

So should I exchange my Plum Heloise to get the Choco Brown???

Is it weird if I own 3 Heloise???


Mar 6, 2008
The Plum is gorgoues but don't keep it if you won't use it!
The choco might be more user friendly.

I have 3 quilted bays as of today and I don't feel weird, YET!!!!

yah, it's gorgoues...but i affraid she have to boring by sitting in my closet then half year later I ebay for less....hehhe

If i can not sold the Python one, I will have 3 Heloise...i think own 3 same styles it will call "TOO MUCHHHHH"


Aug 24, 2006
The prune Heloise is truly a beautiful color, however, I returned the one I bought--it just wasn't user friendly with my wardrobe. It set in my closet for weeks and I couldn't seem to find the perfect thing to wear with it, so, I never carried it. For my wardrobe, the tan/brown or red would be more appropriate, and since these are the colors I gravitate to, I really do not need another, so, currently, I'm without a advice, if you think you really won't carry it, exchange it for a color you will use. The Heloise is a beautiful bag, the leather is devine, and if you truly love the style, why not get another color.


Apr 23, 2008
If you are going to get more use out of the brown, you should get the brown. I love the prune/plum, but the brown is gorgeous too! I've only seen the brown in pictures, but the color seams perfect, like a rich chestnut color.


Jun 24, 2006
Hmm.. I have a Plum Antique Glace Roxanne, and I actually find it really, really useable colour! I wear mine as an alternative to a black bag, and my goodness she gets some compliments. It looks especially fantastic worn with grey clothes, and I bought a scarf with plummy/charcoal/chocolate tones in it and this makes any outfit look amazing when worn together! I often wear the scarf over a soft ivory blouse and dark blue or charcoal jeans, black boots, and my Plum Roxy - it looks fabulous. I'll have to get a pic done or something to show you..

Anyway I think you should seriously reconsider getting rid of this bag - it's an absolute standout piece, hardly anyone carries a bag that shade, and honestly, once you start working it you'll never stop!!!! :love::tup:


Dec 27, 2007
I got one red Heloise and one dark chocolate Heloise(in diffrent shape than regular Heloise) so I do love those colours. I really would love having the prune Heloise as well but if you feel unsure about it then better sending it back than loosing some of what you paid on ebay later.


Nov 22, 2006
Simple solution nobody ever thinks about: Why don't you buy some outfits that match the prune? My bags go with certain outfits and if I love the shape with a passion I would get it in every color that appeals to me - as long as you can afford it!


Jan 31, 2008
I like the brown Heloise sooooo much! I love the red Heli, but it is a time and place bag IFKWIM!!
I can see myself wearing the brown for years because it has a real vintage feel and I can't see the style dating!

I posted some modeling shots of the chocolate Heloise in another thread a week or so ago.