Help me pick some totes for school!!

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  1. Currently, I have a longchamp le pliage in bilberry which works perfectly for school, except sometimes I wear clothes that bilberry doesn't compliment. :shrugs: I don't want to get more le pliages in different colours because I feel like that would look a little odd.

    I wanted to get a new bag or two for school but I can't decide what to get. My style is pretty plain, I just wear dress pants or nice jeans and a sweater most days... Out of the pics I attached, which one do you like the best? Or maybe suggest some other bags that could work? thanks!

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  2. i like the first picture the best. what is your price range?
  3. if u think ur style is plain then maybe just stick with black. out of the two black bags i like the forth one best!
    you might find it fun to try out something bold but not too loud like maybe a soft blue bag.
  4. I wanted to stick to under $100, even under $50. I don't want to worry about throwing it on the floor in class.
  5. the leopard
  6. I think since your style is simple, that leopard bag would be a fun way to add a little punch to your wardrobe. :smile:
  7. I like the fourth one, it's stylish yet classy
  8. I love the first picture x
  9. i like the leopard

    you're spot on about the floor, i've had others move my bag to the floor, step on it accidently, you name it. I went out and bought a cheap Jansport tote thing, took off the label, and no longer stress trauma to that bag. Just last week a girl that sits by me, dropped her dirty spoon on it. Whiped right off.
  10. 1st, 3rd and 4th in that order..

    I do not like the 2nd on at all..

  11. For that you might want to look at Donney and Bourke. Very durable bags. You can probably find a really nice roomy one in leather/vinyl with a nice secure zipper. Check their outlets for even more bang for the buck.
  12. The first one!
  13. #4 without the tassel :tup:
  14. I tried to buy the 4th one, but apparently there's no online shopping on the Calvin Klein site, so I don't know why shopstyle sent me there! I'm sad now. :shucks:
  15. I'm not a huge fan of the button on the first but it would still be my pick out of the four. How about the MBMJ Tote or LeSportsac EveryGirl?