Help me pick out my (hopefully) final Chanel flap

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  1. Hi everyone! I have decided to get a classic flap in the 14S fuchsia colour. However I can't decide if I should go for medium or jumbo.

    In my collection I have:

    1. Black jumbo + SHW in caviar
    2. Beige claire jumbo + GHW in caviar
    3. Green jumbo + matte GHW in lambskin
    4. 10C red maxi + SHW in caviar
    5. Pale gold 227 reissue
    6. Black + GHW 227 reissue

    Since my collection is made up of jumbos, maxi and 227s and since this fuchsia is likely to be my last flap, I thought I would get the medium just for variety. And also because I think the medium is ultra feminine, especially in such a gorgeous pink colour. However I can't help but think that the price is pretty steep for such a small bag. If I add a bit more I can get a bigger bag (jumbo).

    I am 5'6" for reference.

    I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you tried the medium on in person? :] If you think you'll get a lot of use out of it I say get it. But if you'll get more use out of the jumbo I say go for the jumbo. :]
  3. The M/L would round out your collection and the fuchsia would be a great POP of color!
  4. Seems like you tend to buy big size bags. M/L would be a nice change IMO.
  5. I vote for ML.

    I have all jumbos as well and opted to go for the ML lamb fuchsia. I also prefer jumbos, but in this color I absolutely love it in the ML size. I think adding an ML will be a nice addition to your collection.
  6. Either would be a great addition to a well thought out collection! It's also same price as jumbo but gird much less. But if looking for evening bag or not using as often maybe m/l. Love your collection! That green in your avatar is a really good bag!
  7. i definitely vote for m/l. the shape of the bag is great.
  8. I have the fuchsia as well but in medium. I originally purchased it in a large and found it to be very heavy. Either size will look amazing in the fuchsia but i love it in the medium size
  9. Fuchsia in medium would round out your collection, just make sure you are ok with the smaller capacity since you're used to bigger bags.
  10. My vote is also for M/L.
  11. M/L its a wonderful bag and size
  12. Thanks a lot for the input ladies! I am definitely going for the medium then :smile:

    Has anybody posted modeling pics of the medium fuschia? If yes where can I find the thread?