Help me pick-- Nikki in Ocean or Yellow?

  1. i'm bummed because i ordered a Sage MAM from Label360 before xmas. well, they no longer have it in stock. so i'm trying to figure out what to get. i've always wanted a Nikki so maybe this is the time!

    which color should I get-- Ocean or Yellow? i'm not used to having such bright bags, but i think they would be fun for spring/summer.
    yellow1.jpg Nikki_Ocean.jpg
  2. OH! i saw the sage mam at the sample sale. it was really pretty. sorry you weren't able to get it.

    as for the color options they are both nice... it doesn't seem like the yellow is really bright but i think it would be nice for summer.
    blue is really loud. just my thought...
  3. I like yellow more. Looks like it would match more outfits then the blue would since yellow is more subdued.

    The yellow shade is really subdued and reminds of of lil ducklings. For blue, I love Tano's new pool blue color that's coming out. That'll be my cheapier blue summer bag! :smile:
  4. Yellow will go with more. The Nikki in Ocean looks like a whole lotta blue-- I'd like that color in a smaller bag.
  5. The yellow's nice, but I've been in LOVE with that Ocean Nikki since I laid eyes on it. I will definitely be getting the Ocean myself, but if you think the yellow will better match your wardrobe and style, that's what I'd go with. But that blue sure is a stunner!
  6. I would definitely get the Ocean blue! It's such a wonderful pop of color and will brighten up your outfits wonderfully in ways that I think the yellow can't.
  7. Go for the Ocean! I have a bag in a similar color (not RM) and I love it! It really spices up an outfit, and I always get a ton of complements on the color!
  8. The ocean is a beautiful colour but for some reason I really like the yellow :heart:, it looks so soft and pretty.
  9. thanks for the advice ladies! ugh, i still can't decide. i love the Ocean blue color especially since it has silver hardware, but i'm afraid it will be too bright. and after seeing the Summer Campaign photo, i'm wondering if i should hold out until those come out! it's so tough being me, sigh... :lol:
  10. Hi Beano...I would hold out until you can at least see pics of the summer line. Then you can decide if you want something from there, and if you still like the yellow or ocean nikki might be able to find one on sale by that point or on eBay!
  11. I like ocean! I agree with Jenny C that it's a lot of color for a bag of this size but I can't help it, I still think it's HOT! The yellow is very pretty too but because it's a pale butter yellow I would hate for color to transfer (like from jeans) or stains.
  12. I prefer the yellow....the color is nice and from what I've heard (including Rebecca), the leather quality is TDF on this Nikki....similar to the Night Blue in "smoosh" factor.
  13. I prefer the yellow too although I've been bitten by the blue bug. Somehow the yellow seems more versatile to me. Good luck deciding! :flowers:
  14. Pretty! I like yellow bags, but on this particular bag I think the Ocean looks the nicest, at least from the pics.
  15. I like the blue because it's bright and very lovely. The yellow is nice too but I would like a brighter yellow instead. It's such a hard decision.