Help me PICK MY FIRST GUCCI please!

  1. I am a loyal Marc Jacobs fan, but I have decided my next new bag will be a Gucci. :yahoo: Can the Gucci experts out there help me? I would ideally like a bag that I can wear almost everyday to work. That means it has to be large enough to carry 8x10 papers if necessary (nothing too heavy, but at least a folder). I find that when I decide which bag to wear each morning, it is totally dependent on whether or not I need to carry papers to work. If I do, I never wear my stylish handbags because they're not shaped to carry papers (like the MJ stam!) and it's such a pity.

    So I took a quick look on the Gucci website and saw the following candidates:
    1) Pelham Small Shoulder Bag (beige GG fabric w/dark brown leather trim) - is this large enough to carry papers? It says measurements are 14.2 x 3.9 x 11.2 so I think papers can fit if I unsnap the sides and make the bag more of a rectangle shape.
    2) Pelham Medium Shoulder Bag (black GG fabric w/black leather trim) 19.3 x 5.1x 11 - is this too big?
    3) Princy large tote in beige fabric
    4) Abbey large tote in beige fabric
    5) Hasler Medium top handle tote
    6) Abbey medium shoulder bag in black fabric

    I think the Pelham is more stylish because of the braided straps and hardware, but of course it costs more. I think the totes are a little more plain. Do they look too work-ish? I want to be able to carry the bag with some papers in it, but it still looks stylish enough if I decide to grab a drink after work...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated! Or if I missed any bags please let me know! Thanks!!
  2. I am a Pelham fan! Maybe you can try it out in the store with a folder in it?
  3. I like the pelham and it looks really good on! However, I really like the Abbey large tote!
  4. pelham for sure, but again take ur folder in and try it on for size! better safe than sorry! :smile: i actually took my laptop in to check if it fit properly and i thought it iwas weird, haha but i guess it happens all the time!
  5. I love the Med. beige pelham
  6. ooooh im not really a pelham fan! :sad: im alot more of an abbey fan!
    i have the abbey medium and i fit papers in it everyday for school and a notebook A4 size if needed but if you want a proper file to fit in then the abbey medium shoulder bag will be too small! however i think the abbey large tote is GORGEOUS too and that would definately fit a file in!
    id snap that bag up in a heartbeat if i didnt have the abbey medium! it was a close contest when getting my bag but the medium won because it was a better day to day bag, a little bit smaller! even though the large abbey is fine too i think! it just suited my tastes more :smile:

    good luck!
  7. Im not a pelham fan..I adore the Britt line with brown trim..have u looked at their bags..I have the tote and the messenger
  8. pelham!!!
  9. abbey med in black gets my vote
  10. pelham...
  11. i have the small pelham (not that small) and i love it!
  12. I just ordered the all leather (ivory color) Peggy. Loves! can't wait to get it!!
  13. Pelham!!! :nuts: :yes:
  14. I normally don't like Gucci handbags, but the Pelham... i love. Pelham!!!
  15. Abbey large tote in beige fabric