Help me pick between these two please

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  1. Ladies, I need your opinions between these two, please. Thanks in advance

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  2. Two very different bags and it comes down to what you're looking for. I would opt for the leather duffle, I feel like the legacy leather bags stand the test of time and that cognac color is beautiful.
  3. For me personally it is a no contest--the leather duffle.
  4. The duffle without a single doubt.
  5. yep. duffle for me too.
  6. Duffle! The cognac legacy leather! Mmmm!
  7. I like the style of signature bag better but I do not like those colors together. In fact, I personally really hate the pink stripe. It looks out of place in that bag with the brown colors. If they uncovered the Coach tag with it's burst of pink, I'd get it a little more but unless you dress it up with pink fobs or scarf, it's just not pretty but it could be with the right accessories if you want a cute purse.

    I'm not a duffle or hobo person but I have seen the duffle in person and it's a beautiful bag. I really like the tassels and this is a beautiful color that you've picked.

    Bottom line from me is the first bag is very cute but I would have to spruce it a bit to make the colors work for my tastes and the duffle is just pure class. It just depends on what look you're going for. Good Luck!
  8. The duffle. It's a beautiful bag.
  9. Cognac duffle, hands down. It's a beautiful bag!
  10. The duffle hands down. The duffles just don't disappoint. Also, you can wear it crossbody or as a shoulder bag.
  11. That cognac duffle from the legacy collection is beautiful. I have this bag in black and I love it. The duffle is worth a lot more than the other one but u will love it and the color is gorgeous
  12. Duffle! More longevity in terms of style.
  13. Duffle
  14. Emphatically the duffle!
  15. Duffle! I don't like carryalls. The duffle is classic and timeless.