Help me pick a ring? :)

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  1. I have been looking at a new diamond wedding band for over a year. I was considering larger diamonds last year but never took the plunge because I was so indecisive. After wearing a super thin hammered silver band for a long time, I realized that I prefer the look of something delicate. I'm trying to decide between some options:

    My e-ring is a 1.25ct classic round six prong white gold ring.

    This Bony Levy caught my eye before I even realized it was on sale. I would probably wear it alone (without engagement ring). But just in case, would it look totally weird to wear my ring with this band?

    Then there's this beauty that will probably go on sale during the anniversary sale in a couple of months. We almost bought it last year but I was still not sure of what I wanted.

    I could wear this alone or with my e-ring, no problem.

    The problem is that I love both but for different reasons. I don't know what to do! LOL
    Any input? :smile:

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  2. I like the second ring but either would look good. I think even both bands and your e-ring would look lovely.
  3. I like the first one better :smile:
    It is so simplistic; however, if you are going for modern, then definitely go for the second one!
  4. Both have appeal for sure so if you can, try them on with your e-ring. With the first band, the Bony Levy Skinny Baguette, you have a round (your e-ring) a square, and a rectangle so that is, in my mind, a more contemporary fun look. With the half eternity band with all rounds option, you'll have symmetry with the diamonds in the band matching your round e-ring solitaire. One thing I would point out is that with the alternating rectangles and squares, it will be difficult to "center" your e-ring if and when you wear them together. If that will bother you, then go with the all round option as it will be much easier to wear your e-ring and band together. I have two half eternity bands with rounds flanking my e-ring and I really like that look too.
  5. I also like the 2nd for a more traditional look but the first would make your e ring stand out. maybe try both on and take pics.
  6. 1st. 2nd makes me *yawn*

    Gorgeous in its own right for sure but I hate seeing the exact same thing a million times. Go for original.
  7. Thank you everyone for your input!

    haha, I know what you mean. I tend to lean toward traditional/conservative. I think I will order the baguette ring and see how it looks. I can return if it looks terrible. ;)
  8. Okay, baguette ring ordered - it should be here late next week and I'll post a pic of it with my e-ring. Thanks again everyone!
  9. The first ring just arrived and sadly, it's not true love. It just doesn't sparkle at all...the diamonds are very flat and it pretty much looks like a silver or white gold band. It's very pretty and delicate but I would like a teeny bit more sparkle.

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  10. step cuts don't sparkle, they flash. Maybe send that back and check out a site like They have fairly affordable bands. You can maybe find something reasonably priced with nice stones. Just keep in mind that stepcuts (baguettes, asschers, carre, etc.) will not sparkle like a round.