Help me pick a new bag

  1. So I am going to be buying a new bag from elux this week but not exactly sure of what I want. I know I do not want monogram and I am looking to spend between $700-800 and I like shoulder bags. Please give me some ideas. thanks
  2. How about the Azur or Damier? The MC Shirley is really cute, but if you can stretch it a bit more, the MC Eliza is great for a shoulder bag too.
  3. Very general...any more specifics you want in regards to the bag you are about to buy? :confused1:
  4. get something damier azur!
    saleya pm?
    i think that can fit on jacket-less shoulders!
  5. for that amount is hard, lv in that range is usually the monogram. how about something in multi color, or daminer line?
  6. I know I def want a shoulder bag and one big enough to fir mt pti wallet in
  7. The only thing I could think of is a reade pm or maybe something from the antigua line? There aren't many shoulder bags available under 1k that are not mono.
  8. will the saleya pm fit under my shoulder? also what do you think about the denim mini pleaty in green will it fit my wallet? thanks
  9. The Saleya PM can fit on your shoulder but it is a tight fit with a coat. Also, it is a little more $ at $885 but if you can up your budget, then you should get that one because Saleyas are fabulous and hold a ton! :yes:
  10. is that the bag in your avatar? thanks
  11. damier illovo mm.
  12. The bag in my avatar is the Saleya MM. I love really big bags! The PM is elegant and cute and a decent-sized bag, but when I got it I was looking for something much bigger than my Cabas Piano.
  13. Sayleya MM or PM is a great choice!!