help me pick a Key and change holder for my speedy damier

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  1. #1 Jan 30, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    ive finally decided on the speedy im getting : damier speedy 35
    i also want to buy a small wallet for my speedy
    im thinking of buying
    the pochette cles damier


    the pomme d'amour key and change holder

    what do you think ladies?
  2. anything pomme has my vote :smile: x
  3. pomme d'amour, it will look amazing with damier
  4. pomme cles :smile:
  5. I vote for pomme.
  6. Pomme !!
  7. Pomme looks devine with damier!:tup:
  8. I love Pomme with Damier!
  9. Galactic Blue vernis!!!
  10. You can't go wrong with pomme! it goes with everything!
  11. Pomme + Damier = :heart: :yes:
  12. Pomme :tup:.
  13. Since I have the damier 35 and damier T&B cles...that's what I will vote for. And here is a photo of mine in further support of my position. :graucho:
  14. Another Pomme vote!
  15. Pomme cles!!!