Help me pick a color for my room!!

  1. Ahhhhh! We're finally at the point now where the rooms are almost finished with their renovations and now I have to look for a color to paint my room. I am absolutely no good when it comes to picking colors and decorating. I usually use a catalogue to help me with things like that, but I don't have any here!

    My bedroom furniture is going to be coming from Ikea (yes, I read the thread about Ikea, but I love their stuff!). I'll post pictures of what color the furniture is, and if you all could be so kind, guide me in the right direction of color? lol

    I'm pretty much open to everything!!

    Here's my bed:


    Help? :smile:
  2. pastels?
  3. Personally I love my bedrooms to be earth tones. I would go with a warm tan color for the walls. Then you can accent it with a darker color (dark red or dark green etc...). Thats just my personal preference though. Makes the room feel warm and inviting.
  4. I just painted my room a cool sage green. I love it!
  5. I like either pale green -- the sage above sounds great! -- and white (green is supposed to have a calming effect) or pale rose tones (not candy pink) as they're supposed to be cheerful. Plus, I just think those are pretty colors:smile:
  6. turquoise, kind of like the ocean--I love blue tones
  7. I love seafoam green.
    My daughter has come up with a theme for her room.. pink with white paint splatter all over the walls and a black baseboard. I kinda like it. Very different! I thought it was cool tho maybe with a polka dot bed and furry pillows and one of those big lounge bags. Might be cute.
  8. Sounds like green is a popular color! I'm going to go to a paint store in the next few days and I will take a look at some of the greens. Pastell pinks also sound good. The first color ofm y room in my old house was pink, but it was like HOT pink!! lol. Totaly not the color that it was on the little card :smile:

    ...I saw an Ikea advertisement today for my bed, and in their little show room the walls were painted a nice pastel lavender color!
  9. A soft grey blue. Or a blue with a hint of green to it. Very soothhing, and goes great with that color of wood. I just did this color for a client and trimmed it in a creamy white and it is FANTASTIC!

    Benjamin Moore carries a line called Devine Paints. You can either get the Devine paint line in the store or Ben Moore can mix the exact formula in their own product. Try Devine "Hosta".

    Other options could be Devine "Moss", "Manzanita" or "Steamer".
  10. I'd suggest a neutral color that goes with your carpeting. That way you can be felxible with your bedding and change it each season or whenever you get bored.
  11. mine is purple! my vote is purple! well it is more of a soft lilac, but i love it. a nice green is good too though. one thing to remember is - it is only paint so it is never too hard to redo if you dont like your first choice. have fun!
  12. i want to go for a retro feel to my room. i'm thinking that on one of the walls, i will put up a loud print wallpaper with black, red, purple and white. on the other walls, i may opt for plain white with red or purple trim.

    i love having different coloured walls in the same room. in my previous room, i had similar colour furniture to the bed you posted and 3 of my walls were a pale blue and one wall was a soft butter yellow. it looked very sunny and cheerful which is exactly what i wanted since that room was in a basement.
  13. I like the sage green idea.
  14. A sage green would be great, or a blue with a tinge of green. kinda like tiffany's blue but a bit darker. Or maybe a deep red?? Ralph Lauren makes a gorgeous deep burgundy/red color called Hunting Coat red. I would love to paint a room this color :tender:
  15. I've also been thinking of a deep red, kind of like red wine red. Ugh, but I don't know if it would make my room TOO dark, know what i mean? :smile: