Help me pick a bag

  1. I desparately need help deciding what bag to get.... I am obsessed with Burberry and I have never owned one. A coworker bought me a Burberry keychain from Saks in New Orleans for my birthday and an obsession was born. I recently went to Saks, Neimans, and Barneys in Dallas and saw dozens of cute bags and I couldn't decide which one so I left with nothing. I am very new to Burberry so I don't know the names of the bags yet. I love the pattern and classic styling. Does anyone have a suggestion for me on which bag to choose? I like bags I can wear on my shoulder and I am not a fan of either tiny or giant bags. Other than that, I am not that difficult to please. Thanks so much.
  2. Hi! I see that you are a NOLA girl too! I know about getting hooked on Burberry- I am typically a LV girl, but have 3 burberrys. You may want to get a Nova tote, very easy on the shoulder.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion!
  4. Please post pics of the ones you are thinking about and we can make some suggestions!
  5. The nova hobo is a great bag!
  6. ok, these are the two I am torn between.
  7. I think the 2nd one is the Nova Hobo and the first one is called Haymarket Duffle. Is one significantly bigger than the other.
  8. Also, would a laptop fit in this? I need a bag for when I start school.

  9. ok i think the duffle is too big for a purse.... does anyone own this one?
  10. Hello. I actually bought the Nova Hobo online and recieved it couple of days ago and had to return. Its a beautiful bag from the way it looks, but when you wear it... it becomes very flat looking, you can't fit too much and when you fit a lot, its all bumpy and lumpy.

    So i went to the burberry store and exchange this one Burberry - Bags: By Type: Shoulder: SMALL NOVA TOTE and its a beautiful bag. It fits my books and binder in it, perfert for me when i go to school. Price isn't too expensive like the other ones and holds a lot and it def. goes over the shoulder. hope that helps.
  11. Those two choices are great!
    The Nova totes are very popular & the Nova hobos are very cute! It just depends on how roomy you'd like your bag to be and I guess also the style of bags that you'd prefer.
    I'm very fond of the hobo style myself; they sit well on the shoulder & look great when worn. The totes are too square-ish/boxy for my liking ^_^
  12. Thanks I am leaning towards the hobo because I don't have a lot to carry and I have a bookbag for my schoolbooks.
  13. I love the hobo
  14. I vote for the hobo as well.
  15. I actually just bought the Hobo with white leather instead of black and I absolutely adore it!! I've had LOTS of compliments on it. When you put your things in it the bag actually takes on a more natural shape and sags just's perfect!!

    I say go with the hobo!!