Help Me Paint My House!!

  1. Hi all,

    Preface to my tale of woe:
    I bought a house...6 yrs old. Owner decorated by themselves and I despise their decorating choices:yucky:

    So..I'm in the process of trying to first ascertain what colors to paint.
    Your opinions/input would be phenomenal!!!

    Kitchen: Beiege ceramic tile with a light hint of brown. Brown cabinets. Countertops are a beige color with a little hint of grey. Stainless steel appliances, and a dark mocha brown kitchen table.
    I thought of going grey, but worried it would be too cold because of stainless steel. I also have a fave black/white large photo of San Francisco skyline I want to hang somewhere in kitchen.

    Living room: smoky brown leather sectional (hints of grey), black coffee table with smoked glass (that kind of glass with a hint of blue). Wood finish around fire place.
    I thought of going blue, but not sure how great it goes with the brown couch. Also...the living room opens into it needs to complement kitchen color.

    Master bedroom: Blue comforter (small plaid pattern with different shades of blue and some white), dressers are a maple color with blue drawer fronts, red pillows. Van Gogh starry night painting will be hanging on wall.
    I thought of going a muted red color.

    Guest Bathroom: Rugs/decor is a soft green color (not pastel). It primarily used by men so it can't have girly colors.

    Basement: This is the fun room! The pool table/bar area is going to be painted in Notre Dame Fighting Irish colors (think bright green and yellow)...I know it's tacky but we are huge fans! The movie/XBOX area flows right into I need some type of color that will "go" with the ND colors. dominant wall hangings in this room will be my fave painting of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch.

    Finally....would you paint the hallway leading to the bedrooms the same color as living room (hallway flows off of living room/foyer area), or go a different shade of same color?
    Also...stairs going to basement flow right off of kitchen...would you go the same color or a different shade of color?

    Your color choices:
    Master Bedroom:
    Guest bathroom:
    Living Room:

    Thank you soooo much for any help you can give me! I've never had to do this before so I'm kinda clueless!!! And I have to live here for at least 3 years, and don't really want to redo it later!
  2. Sorry, but I would really need pictures of each room to give a good opinion. Plus, you may want to do 3 walls one color and 1 wall a different color in your larger rooms if you are going to do an accent piece on a wall, or if there are 2 adjoining rooms you want to draw together..Any way you could take some pics?
  3. I definitely could...running out right now to buy patio furniture...but I will put some pics up later today (mostly of the kitchen/living room areas since they all flow together), whereas the other rooms are stand alone rooms.
  4. OK cool, I may have some ideas for you when I see the pics!
  5. Thanks irish...out of the blue I have family over (an extra 8 people invading the house) I won't get a chance until tomorrow when they leave to take some pics!
    Thanks for offering to help :smile: I really appreciate it!
  6. That's cool, just post when you can and give me some time to do some thinking...:amuse:
  7. yes we need pictures. also is it an open floor plan?