Help me make a choice...

  1. I like the first one better just because I like handheld bags more. This one has a shoulder strap so it can be both. Very versatile!
  2. # 1
  3. They're both cute, but I like the first one a tiny bit better :smile:
  4. me too!:tup:
  5. Thanks girls! I have been coveting the pink one since I saw it on QVC, but I really like the 1st one too, and the pink one I can get anytime on QVC for $197.
  6. Both cute, I kind of like the 2nd one a little better.
  7. I think the first one is more versatile; the pink one would be harder to keep clean, IMO. Plus, that is a GREAT deal on the black one--with accessories! That's about half price!
  8. Did you choose yet? I like #1 a LOT better. It's classic and I just don't really like the print #2 at all, JMO though! Others may :heart: it!
  9. Definitely get the pink one.