Help me locate a grey Alyona Please!!!

  1. Hi,
    After going back and forth and back again over whether to opt for a burberry manor or a marc jacobs alyona in the sales, I decided to go for the manor, but when I went back to the boutique it somehow didn't look right second time round, so I decided to settle for the alyona, and would you believe it it's sold out on both net a porter and my theresa, even though they were both there to the very day I decided to go for the manor, and then they were gone on both websites that very night!!! Why does this happen to me??!!! I have only ever liked the alyona in the mouse grey and was initially contemplating the quilt mix marc jacobs tote in the grey, both of which went into the sales, but the more I compared the two, the more I liked the classic look of the alyona. Does anyone know of a grey alyona, other than the Marc Jacobs boutique who are still selling it at full price, that is somewhere out there??!!! I've seen loads in the cognac brown and one or two in the black , but none in the grey...please help:crybaby:
  2. Does Bluebee still have any for sale?
  3. for some reason, not as many stores carried the grey alyona. don't know why. i thought the cognac and the grey were the two best colors in this style. anyway, my suggestion is that you bookmark the net-a-porter page and hope for a return. i would also try giving a nm, Nordstrom, or Saks a call and see if they can do an inventory search. there very well could still be one or two out there somewhere. as your last resort if you're absolutely set on getting it, you always have the mj boutique. i know for sure they still have the grey alyona. good luck! you'll find it!