Help me Ladies!!!!

  1. Hello! I am so happy I found this site; I thought I was the only bag obsessed girl on the planet...

    I need your help: I hesitate right now between a metallic patch Stam (bronze, silver or pink) and an Ivory quilted one.

    You have to remember this: in Canada, we have very long and very difficult winters (they can last 5 months...) and light colors are not that welcome during those months. My two questions are:

    1- Would you wear light color bag during a snow storm (my mother would die to see me with Ivory bag in January!!!)?
    2- Which one do you prefer in the list I proposed? Is there someone who has metallic patch who can tell me if it fits on a regular basis?

    Thank you!
  2. The biggest problem I would have with any of the metallic Stams is that the color rubs off over time. I would definitely choose the ivory Stam. I think ivory is a great year round color, and if treated with protectants could weather winter nicely.
  3. ^completely agree with Melly.
  4. The metallic patch stams are too bright for me, unless it's purple. I say go with the ivory stam, you can definitely pull that off in the winter with no problems.
  5. Done! I just bought my Ivory on Diabro and they called to confirm my address. They look very profesional. I will take a picture of my three MJ and post them as soon as I get this one. I can't wait to see my mother's face when she will realize I bought an Ivory bag just before Fall...

    Thank you! I was not too difficult to convince...
  6. i think metallic patch stam is quite high maintenance, especially your winter lasts about 5 months. I've seen metallic tote which is patchy and discolored, so I think if you really want to choose between ivory patchwork and metallic patchwork, ivory will be the better choice. metallic pink and silver are quite light too, only bronze is slightly darker.
  7. Wow! that was fast! Congrats!! yeah, remember to post pics for us~! :yes:
  8. I am a little bit impulsive with those nice bags... :rolleyes:
  9. Congrats! Can't wait to see the pics! :smile:
  10. Looking forward to the pics!!!
  11. Congrats!! Looking forward to your follow-up post with pics!
  12. Its here! I already got it! I ordered at on monday and I received it this morning. Its authentic and amazing (color is darker that I thought and it is perfect). I am in love with my new bag!

    I looked at every details (Thithi and Nocturne would be proud of me!): round riri zippers both M8 and M4, lining (kind of olive green), serial number (SS07-197) and stitching (darker color than bag). Everything is there and I am happy with the price!
  13. yeay~~!!! :yahoo::happydance: Congrats~!! i was thinking of getting this S/S07 ivory stam last time and order from the pursestore. but later on, i changed to the black stam from s/s07. (my serial tag is SS07 197 too) dont you love the olive green lining? i love it. :love:you shouldnt be worried too much as is legit. no harm double checking though. hehe~
  14. Wonderful! I love your new bag. The leather looks fabulous. Enjoy.
  15. It looks gorgeous! Wear it in good health!