Help me kick-start my next obsession!

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  1. OK, I've determined that my next bag will be a Damier. So tell me which one, and why. Here are the bags I'm considering:

    Alma? Because you can't go wrong with a classic.

    Or the Saleya? Love the shape!

    Or the Belem MM? Because it's more unusual and I love the multiple pockets...
  2. How about the Damier Speedy that is coming out in June? If not interested, then I'd say Alma
  3. I like the saleya, then the alma, then the belem last.
  4. alma alma alma!! so classy and practical too! :smile:
  5. The Saleya is really classy...
    Ervie? Is that you?:nuts:
  6. I love the Belem.... So unusual....
  7. Saleya!!! It's so fun looking!!
  8. :love: Belem. Seems like a great practical and nice looking shoulder bag!
  9. The Saleya is my favorite of the three you mentioned. I really like the Alma too. I'm thinking there might be a Saleya in my future:amuse: .
  10. Alma...I think the style and pattern just work well together.
  11. I love both the saleya and the alma!
  12. the belem looks really unique so that's the first one for me, then the alma.
  13. Love the Saleya and Alma!
  14. The Saleya is gorgeous!
  15. Belem for me- i think that shape is fab!
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