Help me in my search for a silver bag!

  1. You would think, with silver being a present trend, that finding a silver (or platinum or pewter) handbag wouldn't be all that hard. However, I just searched several department stores and have looked all over online and can't find one! Have you seen a bag that caught your eye? Let me know!:sad:
  2. What price range are you looking for?
  3. Hmmmm....might be swayed to pay more for a great bag, but I was thinking around $500 or under. I saw a really cool Jimmy Choo online, but it's waaaay out of my price range.
  4. This Isabella Fiore bag in Pewter caught my eye recently. I have never considered buying a bag in this shade but I quite liked this one.;)
    IF Pewter.jpg
  5. That Sloane is HOT!!
  6. Maybe keep your eyes out for the Kooba Lucy in silver? I wore mine a little bit - and liked the metallic thing. I considered selling it but ended up having a nightmare fraud experience (on the buyer's side, believe it or not), but that's ANOTHER thread!!!!:wtf:
  8. Have you checked eBay for silver bags? I'm sure there are ton on there. I'm actually selling one on eBay right now, but I won't post details :smile:

    Also, bluefly has been updating their bags a lot lately, and you might have some luck there