Help me identify season for this this new or old..???

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  1. What season is this denim bag from, I'm familar with the Stripe Denim tote but not this one, I'm loving it...sigh, do you think I could order it from JAX?

  2. That is from 06'.. They may still have them. It's the denim stripe satchel..

    Style # 11183 Retail was $358 HTH!! :tup:
  3. I think it's '07, summer. I have always loved this bag...:girlsigh:
  4. ^^^ If I remember correctly it came out June '07 with the other denim stripe stuff, like the totes.
  5. Thank you, I really appreciate it, I've never dealt with Jax, do you just give them the style #, they look it up and tell you if they have it, how do they ship, have you ever had an experience with them, do you have the contact information?

    Sorry about all the questions, BUT I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BAG, HAVE TO, LOL. :nuts:
  6. ^^ Help please... how do I order from JAX, contact information, please???:shame:
  7. I was going to say.. maybe check eBay..
    So I put in the style number and there is only one and has the same photo.
    LOL. So I guess you have already tried that!!!

    Sorry I can't help with the JAX contact info.
  8. Thanks Estella, yes, I need a back up plan in case I don't win, lol!
    ^^ I know someone has to have the contact info, I see people talking about JAX all the time on the boards. :hysteric:
  9. Beautiful bag... I would snag one if i could.... Good luck with JAx
  10. If you go to the Coach website there is an 800 number. Just tell them the style number and they can tell you if there are any left. There should be a few, I know they still have some of the totes. If they do its just as easy as ordering it from them. Good luck, I have that bag and its one of my favorites!
  11. :smile:Thank you so much for the information! I really appreciate it! ;)
    Does it hold a lot, do you have any modeling pics with the bag?
  12.'s '07! I have one and the wristlet! I love them and get so many compliments!:heart:
  13. I really hope you win it!!!! Good Luck!
  14. Thank you! :smile:
  15. Okay I am a dork :rolleyes: I put that it was out in 06' thinking we are in 07'.. just saw your replies and realized we are in 08'. :blush: