Help me ID this hat...

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  1. Does anyone know who makes this hat/cap? I know Burberry has one coming out for fall that is similar, but I LOVE this!
  2. By the way, this is from the Fall Preview Magazine from 111. I called BG today and they do not have the hat, nor do they know much about it but will try to find something out and get back to me. So if anyone could give me a direction...who might make it, what it might be called...I would be grateful! Thanks!
  3. don't know, but that model wears it well. she's gorgeous.
  4. no one has any idea about the hat. Suggestions on where I should look? I have tried BG, NM, Nordstrom, Barneys, Macy's, and Bloomingdales so far. I am limited to online searching since there are NO stores in my area. But I really MUST have this hat. HELP! (Please!)
  5. D & G has hats like that for F/W 06. I seen it but in winter white.

    Catherine Malandrino also makes hats like that but a little smaller which are very darling!!

    Hope this helps.

    I'm actually going to the D & G store tomorrow so I can ask when it's going to come in. If it is indeed the actual hat, I'll let you know. They probably won't have it in stores until maybe July though.
  6. LOVE IT!!! Too hot where I live for hats...also, I have too much hair! Hats never fit...I think my head is big as well.
  7. Thanks! If you can find out what it is called I can telephone D&G and maybe pre-order! Do they have an online "store?" And where can I find the Catherine Malandrino hats? I can wait until July (it's 100 degrees here, so I don't need it until winter!), I just don't want to "miss out" on it because it is fabulous!
  8. ^^^^^ The hats are at the Catherine Malandrino store in Soho, and they come in really nice colors... I have one of her hats in celery. . I'll find out at D & G what the name is and when it's coming out. I'll pm you all the necessary info. I'll definitely find out tomorrow night.
  9. ^^ Thanks! You are awesome!
  10. UPDATE: My friend in NYC went to Bergdorf Goodman and she has FOUND the hat!!! :yahoo: I am SO excited! It is by Patricia Underwood, available in white and oatmeal, and it's $245. Three months later, the hat is on the way to me at last. :yes: