help me get this look

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  1. ok, so i am an admitted newbie when it comes to wearing / applying makeup, I have one look and that is because I had the consult with ysl and he bascially walked me through the whole thing. I want to switch it up and love this runway look, i will tone it down of course for real life.

    i attached the pic of the face, and then of mine for complexion color pigment comparison.

    can someone let me know what i need to achieve this look specifically the eyes and lips. i love how it is so peachy!

    if not the type of site or forum that may be able to give some "online" help?


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  2. i cant get
    the pic to enlarge
  3. oh crap, took me forever too,
    what can i do? it won't allow hot linking. boo
  4. make a screenshot and attach it. anyway, best forum would be for make up