help me find those Mary Jane !!

  1. Since I have seen Kate Moss wearing those, I am obsessed to find them, but I have no idea which brand they could be. Or do you know some similar ones ?
    kate.jpg kate1.jpg
  2. The heel looks VERY LOUBOUTIN....
  3. yes, louboutin Wallis(i think?!)
  4. Yep, those are Christian Louboutins.....that one is a past-season style and long sold-out. Last time I checked (about a month ago) there was a pair on eBay that went for $750+.
  5. Hot!
  6. Thank you girls, you´re the experts......but SOLD OUT ! aouch !!(pain sound in french)....
  7. Hi there,

    I don't know if you are still interested, but I saw those (or very close to those, the heel might have been slightly different) shoes at Barneys in the Copley Square Mall in Boston two days ago. I think the shoe name was Baby Doll. Maybe the SA could send you a picture?
  8. Also, check out Manolo's new stuff. He has brought back the Mary Jane for the Fall.
  9. I have the Manolo Mary Janes and they look REALLY similar!